DAV Public School, Mokama

Mokama, Patna, Bihar, 803302

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The evolution of human society is based on learning. The formation and advancement of the society is continuously depending on the institutionalization of teaching learning process. From the ancient period to the modern period the role of individuals in the society is conventionally defined and modified. Religion played an important role in this process. Today we are living in the modern age of nations so India as a nation is an integrated part of international system. Development in information & communication technology has transformed the world into global village. Therefore the aim of education in context with the role of our nation and the role of Indian citizen in conformity with the international relation is a challenging task before modern educational institution needed to be realized. DAV Public School,Main Road,Mokama, Patna (Bihar) has been trying to realize the aims of education and dreams of nation building of Swami Dayanand  Sarwati, Lala LajPat Rai and Mahatma Hansraj under the guidance of DAV CMC New Delhi since its establishment in 2003. The school is fortunate that it has witnessed the great personality Late Mahatma Narayan Das Grover who created a chain of DAV institutions in Bihar Jharkhand and Orissa with untiring and selfless efforts.

Sometimes we are confused with wishes and dreams. Wishes are nothing more than desires. Mere desires make a man sorrowful. But a farsighted dream makes a man dynamic where dedication, devotion and determination automatically become valuable leading to a missioner personality enlightened with a religious direction committed for the just society. The School tries to provide a vision to the students by maintaining a religious and just environment with the help of its organizational setup with discipline.

Passion plays an important role in achieving success. As Elbert Einstein says that I have no special talent but I am passionately curious. It is because of passion that players do not care about physical injuries they may get during games and they are in motion within defined rules of the games. I hope that the school will act as a platform for the thinking train of the students and teachers to realize the aim of education in emerging Indian society, making them a passionate learner, enabling them to tackle the problems they are going to face in future.

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DAV Public School, Mokama
Main Road, Mokama,
Patna, Bihar, 803302
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